What is Visual Modeling? – What You Need to Know

The Visual Modeling Forum (VM Forum) is a web community dedicated to the Visual Modeling languages and related technologies.

An attempt at visualizing the Fourth Dimension: Take a point, stretch it into a line, curl it into a circle, twist it into a sphere, and punch through the sphere. — Albert Einstein

What is Visual Modeling? Visual Modeling is the representation and simulation of systems of interest using graphical languages, where graphic languages include both notation (typically "boxes-and-lines") and semantics (meanings). For a fuller explanation explore What is Visual Modeling? and other Frequently Asked Questions on the Visual Modeling FAQ page.

Visual Modeling is a key enabling technology for Business Analysts, Systems Engineers, Software Developers, and others who seek to transition from traditional systems development processes that are document-based and code-centric, to Model-Based Engineering processes that are requirements-driven and architecture-centric.

Here you can find information related to Visual Modeling languages, as well as related technologies such as Visual Modeling tools.

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